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The Book Worm Kingdom

by AJM

Final Rating: 7.83. Finished 2 out of 64 entries.

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Animator: AJM

Description: In the classic medieval book kingdom of the worms, technology isn't exactly amusing to them.

Experience: More than a decade

Time taken: 23 days


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Very appealing

Matt Horstman:

Nice drawings and consistent faces. Guy on the right feels pretty robotic in pose-to-pose. Would love to see left worm's mouth open BIG as he's shouting. You got these good cartoony proportions but aren't pushing expressions or movements hard enough.
I love the story of the book worms looking at a tablet.
Not bad at all.

Deva Satvika:


Susannah N.:

This is so cute! I love the character designs and the scenario. Great animation!

Timmy Kwee:

I love this one