Final Rating: 4.43. Finished 67 out of 87 entries.

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Animator: Bernard Ting

Description: A man try to find the place he spend with his dad when he was a child .

Experience: less than 1 year

Time taken: 2 week


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Nathaniel Vaughan:

So, he's narrating to himself in his head, but by the end he's talking out loud?

Sure, ok.


a good job i think the acting is good but the staging can be a little better by making more decisions by not always showing the subject in the center of the screen but good job!

Deva Satvika:

Nice idea

For the animation, it could use more body movement, give hand some hold before grabbing the lever and then go down with arc, and add some movement on the neck and body at the end of the shot.

Ryan Williams:

Staging is good. Timing and lip sync need work.