Final Rating: 3.96. Finished 39 out of 51 entries.

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Animator: leo

Description: still refining and I'm too late to start.

Experience: as professional-0 years, as student 2 years

Time taken: about two weeks in rush


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Gaucelm De Villaret:

Not a fan when it's just one person shown talking... and it doesnt seem like it's relating to the audio, more like a video game NPC in a machinima.

Kai Saunders:

Nice! I think you idea here is good and I think its not finished. There's a good bit of work that need to be done to the hands and her expression could've been push more. In some moments she seem lifeless when talking


Nice, but I think that gesture she did during "I know for sure" matches to this line, but not in this context.

Kyra Simone:

Nice poses n timing! Especially on "i know for sure she's a liar"... oooh! Now focus more on the face, because it seems a little lacking in comparison.

Victoria Alvidrez:

The body movements and gestures are pretty good. I would suggest including some sort of suggestion of a bg and open up the poses a bit more so we can see the expressions. Great Job!