Final Rating: 4.05. Finished 38 out of 51 entries.

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Animator: Kunal Mukherjee

Description: In this sequence, there is a conversation between two women about a lady, one of the character is daughter of that lady, and other is an investigator but she has a soft corner somewhere for the lady, they are talking, due to some unknown reasons.

Experience: 8 years

Time taken: 8-9 hours(approx..)


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Jonathan Fontaine:

Nice, try to avoid "twinning" : moving limps in sync and symetrically :)

Gaucelm De Villaret:

Kudos for the cel-shading! Also nice animations, though the scenery could use a bit more details.

Richard Adams:

Love the toon shading, works really well. The rather random, rather floaty arm movements don't really work and are distracting. Search the forum and youtube about floatiness in animations. Good staging and visual appeal though.

Shauna Ludgate:

Arm movements are a little bit repetitive but lip-sync is good.