Final Rating: 5.01. Finished 24 out of 51 entries.

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Animator: Alex

Description: Having girl talk during the pandemic

Experience: 5

Time taken: ~3 weeks


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Jonathan Fontaine:

I like the setup .. nice subtle acting.. you really feel sorry for her

Gaucelm De Villaret:

The idea is interesting and those are nice realistic expressions... but it's a shame we don't see the other woman!

Richard Adams:

Some beautiful nuances in her facial expressiveness and head/body movements, except for the lips, which feel kind of dead-ish, especially on "the devil!" and "ran out on, like numbed with novocaine. Lip movement needs to be pushed more, more emotional expressiveness. I quite like this entry overall though. Idea, rendering, staging all work well. Still giving it 8 stars, as the rest of her is *really* well-animated.

Poppy Marlow:

I like the concept! It's clever. But the lip sync could use a bit of work. Really emphasise the m's, b's, v's and f's


Good facial expressions. Lip syncing needs some work.