Final Rating: 6.14. Finished 7 out of 53 entries.

23,634 views including the voting period.


Animator: Pagiel Israel

Description: A teenage girl explaining to her mother that she can be successful without having a-lot of money.

Experience: 3 Years

Time taken: 56 hours


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Needs some subtle still animation while she is listening. Even just have her breathing.

James Choi:

I was about to give this 1 star, but then she started moving and I was like "Oh snap it's actually good!"


Nice having her listen! I love how she went right into her opinions. Nice facial acting and lip sync isn't bad. But her arm moves too much. Little distracting


Nice work. I would suggest Bonnie looking a lil more board, not so interested in the beginning.


The contrast is too great. During her moving hold move her around more and add an eye roll in. Very good though

Jamie F:

Nice animation - if a little overacted in places.

Fredrik Larsson:

I would have loved to see the mom a bit, maybe she could have served the mug up, get in and out of frame a bit or something, just a hint of her presence, so there could be a bit more interplay between her and the daughter. With that said, the animation on the daughter is f*kin fantastic. Just absolutely nailed it. Great poses, maybe a bit more attitude in the beginning, but the attitude when she speaks is just fantastic. Perfect rendition of a snarky teenager making a point. Your timing is really on point and the secondary motion adds a bit of layering too. Fantastic work, keep it up.


Abigail's reaction is so heavy & unexpected. Means, she's listening calmly but reacting differently. I'm pointing on thought process & reaction.


If only we had both speaker, it would have been amazing