Final Rating: 4.62. Finished 26 out of 53 entries.

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Animator: Dylan Love

Description: Mother and daughter have an awkward conversation.. I spent a lot more time on one character before moving on to the other. I should've planned a little more but next time will be better. All notes are super appreciated, thanks for watching everyone!

Experience: 2 Years Learning at Online School

Time taken: 30 Days


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Characters are pretty static while waiting for their turn to speak. Love the blonde's movements!

Richard Adams:

I'd rate this higher if it were finished.

Craig Martin:

Nice! The great acting choices and I really felt the weight of the mother as she walked forward. Would have been nice to have both characters finished and moving the whole time but it would have taken a lot longer on what already looks like a decent amount of work.

Heba S:

The poses are really nice, but this is a tad over-acted. I really love what you were going for at the beginning where the blond lady comes up behind Abigail. At the start of 154, Abigail kind of swoops in awkwardly.


Blue shirt girl has jerky movements. At first the redhead girl looks dead.. have her do more subtle movements instead of none at all

Yumeng Mortensen:

Maybe double check the spine of the girl on the left (looks like it either twisted too much or broke). I can tell you run out of the time but still I can see the mom/ woman on the right, she has good actions there but maybe try to straight up her spine ( maybe hunch over too much). I think if you have more time to finish it up it will be a good piece.

Fredrik Larsson:

Good that you kept the blocking. Decent blocking looks a lot better than lazy tangents.

Abhishek tiwari:

Needs a much better staging I feel. And the character closer to the camera is completely stuck for the first half. Nice effort though. All the best

Eric Buval:

Strong start


Characters r so appealing....Excited to see final pass..