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by daveed98

Final Rating: 3.44. Finished 41 out of 53 entries.

28,263 views including the voting period.


Animator: daveed98

Description: This is a scene between mother and daughter argument when the mother starts advising her daughter while watching movie and daughter got disturbed and got irritated.

Experience: i am a student, chose 3D Animation as specialization.

Time taken: 13 Days


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Arms move way too much especially with the second girl. Lip Sync needs a lot of work. Never rush through a project. Set some time each day to work on it and take your time. I can tell you rushed through this. Also camera doesn't need to zoom in on the second girl.

Craig Martin:

Nice work. Abigails hand was a little floaty when she was at the door. Maybe less movement could have been less distracting and maaaybe a bit of overkill with the blinking. But you could feel the story and the emotions both characters were feeling.

Fredrik Larsson:

This is a pretty good take, the daughter storming off upp the stairs like that, great choice. Unfortunately it feels very lacking when it comes to the animation. Right now, it files like there are random keyframes just to keep the characters moving. Stay in the blocking phase for way longer, if it does not look good in bling with stepped tangents, it will probably not look good with smooth tangents. Get the broad strokes and the big poses done first, that is more important than plowing through the entire lipsync. The llipsync and the blinking looks like it was generated too, try and do that by hand to get it looking less twitchy. the twitching and the popping make it look pretty broken. Good work on completing the entire clip though, and great choice of characters.