Final Rating: 4.25. Finished 33 out of 53 entries.

12,032 views including the voting period.


Animator: Dani

Description: you're not even my real mom :/

Experience: Moderate

Time taken: 2 weeks


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There's too much movement. But the acting is good. Love the facial expressions. This needs more work on the lip sync. Connection between the characters needs work

Yumeng Mortensen:

I can see both characters emotions pretty good matching up with the dialog, good job! Maybe more offset about joints, double check the hands poses (some of them aren't really neutral). Maybe need more time to polish it will be nice.

Elisabeth Janerka:

Be careful not breaking the 180 rule. Try to keep the characters on the same side of the screen throughout a scene, which is doable even when changing camera angles like this one

Fredrik Larsson:

The fundamentals are there but your poses feel a bit stiff and the timing and pacing has some room for improvement. This is a very good start but maybe try exaggerating the poses a bit and stay in the blocking phase for a bit longer. The auto splines are not doing you any favours.