Final Rating: 5.84. Finished 10 out of 53 entries.

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Animator: Amanda Hand

Description: This is my third ever submission for the 11 Second Club Competition! I wanted to keep this one simple and focus on acting. Enjoy!

Experience: Professionally- 4 years

Time taken: 30+ hours


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nice lip sync! Acting was nice and I loved the girl and how she seemed bored and disagreeable. This was fun to watch!


Nice work. Feel out the mother's dialogue, add more life/character into her acting.

Fredrik Larsson:

This is really very good, but I feel like you could have exaggerated a lot more. The mother stepped lean-in is great but make her lean in more. The daughters nonchalant slacking lean is great but it could have been more, maybe she could have used som weight shifts too. Basically, keep doing what you are doing right now, but do it a bit more :) Great work!


lip sync hits the beats it's suppose to. Everything else feels plain and weightless.