Final Rating: 7.24. Finished 7 out of 105 entries.

60,908 views including the voting period.


Animator: HaziqHilmy

Description: dude is stuck in a crash test nightmare

Experience: 1 year

Time taken: 3.5 days


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Mike Schanbacher:

Nice work! Great idea!


naisa jenglord

Michael Snyder:

Almost everything in this animation is great. The idea of crash dummies is brilliant. The camera shake also gives a sense of movement. My only say is that I think the character saying "thanks" at the end should be looking at the other in concern while saying "uhh," then he looks at the wall in shock to add a surprise factor in the animation.


Very clear story! Well done!

Shadrak Guichard-Foster:

Very creative idea! The lip sync was well done and the gestures felt natural for each character and the tone in the voices (with the exception of the last part in which it felt like the movement was too much for the tone) Other than that, great job!

Beth Rowe:

Nice. Nice idea and nice animation.

Rakesh Reddy Endapelly:

Nice Animation