Final Rating: 5.76. Finished 28 out of 120 entries.

656 views including the voting period.


Animator: PengGang

Description: Record your own video according to the song

Experience: 4

Time taken: 30 days


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The animation is good you can improve the storytelling

wahler Judith:

Really nice, but the balance of your character is a bit off. Several times in your shot, we have the feeling is gonna fall.


Great stuff!!

Brian W.:

Clever. By adding a layer of abstraction through the character's own camera lens, you can make his dance moves lame, and they will be not only acceptably, but appropriately so. Nice work.


Nice setup! The first big hand gestures on "see if you can spot him" happen a bit too explosively though and they don't feel all that natural. The lipsync on "shot him" needs work as well, you're missing a couple of mouth shapes and it should probably hit a lot harder than it does now.

Barbara Laub:

Nice story and great facial expressions!