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Alexander Hamilton

by Leo

Final Rating: 5.28. Finished 38 out of 120 entries.

571 views including the voting period.


Animator: Leo

Description: My first time doing Stop Motion. The puppet was made by me as well. The Background and equipment was kindly provided by TRIKK 17 during my internship there.

Experience: So far I've done some 2D and 3D animations but not on a professional level.

Time taken: I needed 4 days planning the the lip sinc, preparing the animation and setup and than animating it.


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Vera Steinbeck:

this is so cute :) well done with the puppet

Sandra I. Tapia:


Ruben Uggla:

It's nice to see someone doing a stop motion animation, and actually making it pretty good. I do kinda wish something more was happening instead of there just being on e guy talking to himself.

Brian W.:

If this is stop motion (and not CGI pretending to be stop motion - it's getting harder for me to tell anymore) then this is really good. You get a lot of mileage from your judicious design. Expressions and lip sync are especially well done with very simple face construction. And you technique magnifies your character's acting. Well done.

Anis Rahman:

nice effort!!