Final Rating: 3.16. Finished 90 out of 120 entries.

515 views including the voting period.


Animator: Oğuz Gül

Description: charlie chaplin dance

Experience: 4

Time taken: 4


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Taylor Cole:

The movement does not make any sense to me.

Trevor Merrow:

I find the movement funny, but it doesn't fit the audio particularly well.


Between Genius and Madness


Go Charlie Chaplin step!

Laszlo Hajba:

There are good ideas in movement, but camera doesn't serve it to work. You should make the camera catch what is interesting, or plan the movement on camera. Lot of your work you put in can not be seen and enjoyed. Not bad though!



Brian W.:

I'd give you a higher score, but your character dances just like I do


That dance move isn't as compelling as you want it to be I'm afraid. Needs some more variation.

Sarathbabu A S:

hahaha, chaplin style, good bro, nice try