Final Rating: 5.86. Finished 24 out of 120 entries.

8,677 views including the voting period.


Animator: GagaVardanidze

Description: Schizophrenic Bill by a shrink

Experience: 4 yers

Time taken: 10 days


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The animation is good, but I don't know why he clap his hands like monkey in the bigining ?

Sarathbabu A S:

your animation is very nice, one thing i want to say here is,
you cover the face by your hand, so its difficult to read face,,, any way good job dude

Sandra I. Tapia:


giga gudushauri:

Super awesome!!!

Ruben Uggla:

The animation is really well executed. My only problem is that many the character is moving a bit too m much.

Brian W.:

I want to say that movement is excessive, but I enjoy watching it so. So instead, I'll say nice job. You have a lot going on and still manage to convey naturalness. Keep it up.


honestly, while the animation isn't bad, it almost looks like it's moving to a different audio altogether. Especially the entire first part that looks more like the character is arguing with someone off-camera than singing a Hamilton song.

Kevin McCullough:

so much energy

Barbara Laub:

I 'm clueless about what's going on, with this character being a wolfman/monster thing, but I really like this animation! Small thing-at the end, during "shot him", his hand obstructs view of this face-I'd move it so we dont lose sight of his face. Nice job!