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Court Jester Auditions

by Danny Kneip

Final Rating: 6.19. Finished 15 out of 100 entries.

1,068 views including the voting period.


Animator: Danny Kneip

Description: The Court Jester auditions are going horribly since the only ones qualified for the job are the livestock! AND the Queen is hungry!!

Experience: some years

Time taken: this drove me crazy all month


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I like the style on this one! saves the otherwise snappy animation.

Austin Reddington:

This is really entertaining! nice work!

Justin H:

First of all this made me laugh most outwardly from the entries thus far. The facial expressions are so great, the chickens movements are really nice and twitchy too. And that last movement that the queen makes was wonderfull snappy. Good stuff.

Sofia Port:

I do not like the drawings.

Richard Carrillo Barrios:

Niiiiceee hehe
Very good lypsinc and argument, GJ

Sumedh Dharmadhikari:

Entertaining style!!!

Sabrina Winkel:

The only thing I liked was the expressions of the characters in the end of your animation

juan francisco leon:

good idea!!