Final Rating: 5.70. Finished 21 out of 100 entries.

685 views including the voting period.


Animator: Anurag Kumar

Description: Sherlock Holmes is going Mad because of his new case (The Mysterious Hen).
He is Losing his Mind and asking for Help from PSYCHIATRIST Dr. Mrs. Mary Watson.

Experience: Few Years !

Time taken: 4 Nights.


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Justin H:

I love the contrast of the subtle movements of Sherlock from 210-400 to the therapist thereafter. Good lord did she send that folder flying.

Jean Lamy:

Move Sherlock's legs a little bit as he points. Very nice animation.

predrag lazic:

It's a cute thought.

Muhammad Rauf:

i think you need to learn more about layout and composition..

Marcus Taylor:

Maybe if you wanted some added polish, I'd make the body move ever so slightly in response to the arm movements, so everything feels connected.

juan francisco leon:

very good idea


Decent animation. Setup's a bit out there....

Sabrina Winkel:

Well done. I loved the woman character's acting. I like how you added some creativity when the guy made the illusions in the air