Final Rating: 4.68. Finished 42 out of 100 entries.

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Animator: Santiago Colombo

Description: Hi,my first upload here.
I used this character that I made in Maya 2015 for another proyect.
I welcome your reviews and I hope you like it.

Experience: I studied animation, and I learned 3d on my own

Time taken: Some hours everyday for 10 or 14 days I think


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Jim P:

very appealing. Must be CG to look like stop motion? good job.

Justin H:

I love the staticky (thats not a word) nature of the movements it really belongs with the aesthetic. The facial expressions are great.

Jack Stollery:

interesting character designs

predrag lazic:

Love the style, no idea what it's about though.

Cloud Wilk:

The style makes this particularly interesting!

Joe Darko:

cool idea!

Chris Clarke:

Highly original. Good job

Sabrina Winkel:

This made no sense. Boring. There's no story, and they are just standing there. Bored. Plain. Nothing