Final Rating: 5.09. Finished 29 out of 100 entries.

493 views including the voting period.


Animator: Pamela Rivera

Description: After hours and hours of been playing... the results weren't that good...

Experience: almost 2 years

Time taken: 2 weeks


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Santiago Colombo:

I like the room design and clothes. You need to review his lips sync

Chris Rodriguez:

Really liking the setup here. Just needs more work on splining. There is a bit too much blocky movement here and not enough tertiary animation. good piece nonetheless

Jean Lamy:

I really like the girl's movement. Nice and smooth

Matt B.:

I like the way you animated the girl throughout, while the male seems a bit robotic at times. Perhaps a bit more relaxed in arm/hand gestures with follow-thru.

Jerrold Chong Yuan Pei:

Great acting on the girl! really like her expression of the dialogue, facial expression was also spot on. Especially her final reaction. The guy needs a bit of work.

Sabrina Winkel:

Camera needs work. Lip sync needs work. (You're not alone) try YouTube because you can get some really great ideas on how to Create stuff! That's what I do! I'm only 8 months experienced

Sumedh Dharmadhikari:

The start was dramatic and cool but then i guess you missed on some good poses later on.


I really like the bonnie's animation, but I think when malcolm begin to talk, it left one strong pose.. Still a good job !

Ankit Singh:

Camera Animation noot Cood . Don't slide slowly Camera. Why we are sliding camera just bcoz of we want to show his expression but here we have to show actting