Final Rating: 2.65. Finished 94 out of 100 entries.

431 views including the voting period.


Animator: Julio Vela Perdomo

Description: Two missing person who does not know what to do and at times leave their Cavales and do not know what to do

Experience: one month and a half

Time taken: three weeks


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Yev Rotar:

I think you should just focus on the animation and leave the camera in one spot. The characters seem too stiff, because when you move the arm, for example, its not just the arm that moves. It is also the shoulder and the upper torso that moves.

Justin H:

Your camera's jittering distracts heavily from the characters' performances. Don't move the camera if you don't have to is a good rule of thumb I use.

Jean Lamy:

Very choppy. Smooth out the arcs and minimize camera movement.

Moy Parra:

That camera :(

Paul Von:

The camera moves are horrible and ruins any hope of someone enjoying your work

Matt B.:

The camera movement is excessive. I think if you were to keep a frantic camera move, it would have to be matched by the characters in some way. As it is, the characters are quite static, which makes all of the camera adjustments that much more noticeable.

Michael Kristiansen:

Too much camera animation for my taste. Or at least it's too wonky. Make it smoother or less I would say.

Marcus Taylor:

I would probably keep the camera in the same place for the whole shot, since the movements only distract from your animation.


it's better if u focus on the animation of the character instead of the cam ;)

Sabrina Winkel:



I counted maybe 8-10 camera moves. Way, way too distracting to even begin focusing on the animation. Maybe do a little research on cinematography for your next entry.

William Harrison:

The camera animation is way too jumpy and honestly you should completely cut it.

Ankit Singh:

Don't move camera again & again
Animation we not be able to see properly
Also inprove a lot

Kevin Cooper:

The constant camera movement is really distracting. You will want to keep the camera focused on your characters.