Final Rating: 3.32. Finished 80 out of 100 entries.

396 views including the voting period.


Animator: Ellen Cornwell

Description: Speed Dating is Hard.

Argus Rig from Long Winter Studios. Eleven Rig from 11 Second Club.

Experience: I went to college for animation so about 4 years of learning. No Professional Experience.

Time taken: Two weeks


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Justin H:

Everything feels quite slow and the facial expressions seem very static. I think it needs to be pushed much further in terms of changes in speed of movement and just bigger movements in general

Chris Rodriguez:

you need stronger poses, a lot more of them. Seems floaty.

Marcus Taylor:

Some of the actions seem a little floaty, especially the man's hands. Maybe some more ease in and out, and anticipation may help...

Sabrina Winkel:

I've seen that guy before! Haha