Final Rating: 6.11. Finished 16 out of 100 entries.

1,061 views including the voting period.


Animator: Ivan Mendoza

Description: A chess champion is getting hit butt kicked by a kid.

Experience: Few 11 sec club entries and school.

Time taken: Couple hours every day.


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Santiago Colombo:

Good job. I like the light and ambient, work more in her animation

Kyle Phan:

I love the idea

Jean Lamy:

very well done on the lip-sync

Matias Cifuentes:

This animation to me is odd, because you had great poses for the guy from frame 140 to 240, the timing of him on this part feels great, nice lipsync and all, but before that and after its feels like another animator took the piece and lowered the quality, choosing poses like the girl on frame 290 :( I would suggest practicing body mechanics and studying acting to bring more appealing poses like you did in that very entertaining bit of the guy, keep at it!


In general it's pretty nice! I just feel like the "Next!" isn't enunciated enough, the mouth closes to a toothy smile too early. I tried enunciating it just now and my mouth opened a lot more, so it seems too muted here. Overall, the woman's lipsync could use some work.

William Harrison:

I like the animation, but I feel like the story is kind of unclear. What do the chess pieces have to do with the dialogue? Good work though!

Sabrina Winkel:

I loved the girls facial expressions. But she looked a little creepy at the end