Final Rating: 6.62. Finished 10 out of 100 entries.

2,539 views including the voting period.


Animator: Lee Bird

Description: just some animation

Experience: a bit

Time taken: about a week after work


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Wow this looks like a cartoon I'd see when I was younger! I love that it's fully colored and there are no rough ends!! real competitor for the win.

predrag lazic:

Clear cut, nice lipsync.

Cloud Wilk:

The audio is a little below normal, but the animation is nice!

Michael Kristiansen:

Nice style :)

Jordan Lewers:

This is good! Really appealing character designs and fluid animation! Keep it up!


Lovely! I'm a sucker for appeal and these characters have it in spades :) my only complaint is that the male character does two repeated motions right after the other (the head taps and then the nods). Makes him seem a bit mechanical, so toning down one of the other would've helped.

Sabrina Winkel:

I'm surprised, I'd have to say you're animation is the only cartoon style that actually looks spot on