Final Rating: 7.62. Finished 3 out of 100 entries.

8,542 views including the voting period.


Animator: GokulNath Gajapathy

Description: Rivalry scientists fighting to prove they are right .

Experience: 6+

Time taken: 2 weeks [after office]


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Shark Bait:

nice animation style


love the snappy squishiness of this!

Santiago Colombo:

great job! i love the timing of the man

Justin H:

Swell squash and stretch.

Zachary Polic:

You got 11 from me! I hope you take the win from the amount of character you gave these two (3 including the chicken). I really like the the flat camera that you chose - it gives a very Wes Anderson vibe to your composition and makes it comical in the best of ways. The cartoony/pushed style of animation is beautifully done, reaching that Goldilocks zone that is just perfect to watch. Truly inspirational work!

Ivan Mendoza:

Loved your animation! Only the "i got this. i think what we" part seems a bit off.

Matias Cifuentes:

For me this one is the winner! Best animation in the competition, awesome timing and acting, the only thing I would try to change is the energy that the guy's audio has compared to the acting, personally I think they don't match, overall super awesome!!! Congrats :)

Vincent Donaz:

I love it, really nice graphic poses and great timing !
Top 5 for sure



Sabrina Winkel:

I know your struggles. Even the professional Pixar Studio animators films are NEVER perfect even when they LOOK like they are. There's always mistakes


nice animation

Tianyu Chen:

my 1st place. love it

Rachel Napierkowski:

I love this! The male character has so much personality. Wonderful job!

Paul Wei:

The animation is nice and you really gave the guy a distinct personality. Just wish the camera layout was more interesting and it was clearer who they are talking to.