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wreck It Ralph short animation

by alireza babahiaghaei

Final Rating: 1.41. Finished 100 out of 100 entries.

1,169 views including the voting period.

Animator: alireza babahiaghaei

Description: It is a short animation of the Wreck It Ralph,it is created by me.

Experience: 7 years

Time taken: 3 months


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Jim P:

a stupid commercial?!

Luann Wepener:

Me thinks you uploaded the wrong video mate

Jose Velasquez:

Is this for real? Is this really happening?

Lee Bird:

not the right audio


wrong place

Justin H:

Diet coke is the new Pepsi One.

Sofia Port:

You could have added some more acction like a funny chicken running around or something for entertainment.

Moy Parra:

11second club = Zzzzzzzz.....

Marcus Taylor:

Unfortunately this isn't the sound clip for this month...

Natacha "Fanotak" R.A.:

Uuuh... Not really the place to post that...

Richard Carrillo Barrios:

wow really? no one reviews this videos before uploading? how do they disqualify "forbidden rigs" then?

William Harrison:

why did you submit this?

Sabrina Winkel:

WRONG AUDIO! People this is not a website where you screw around! This is a website where you COMPETE against other animators. They have RULES you know, which means USE THE 11 SECOND CLUB AUDIO!!

Niklas Bergwall:

u wot m8

Ruth Agada:

I think there is a section (forum) where you can put this demo and you can get great feedback.