Final Rating: 7.67. Finished 2 out of 100 entries.

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Animator: sujan

Description: Official comboo...

Experience: Two and half years

Time taken: 15 days


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GokulNath Gajapathy:

girl attitude is good .animation could have been better

Austin Reddington:

Love it! the acting is very realistic and appealing. His lip sync seems a little off in some areas but very nicely done!


i love the gestures, the motion and the lighting in this one, though she seems too stiff to be yelling that loud at the end.

Jack Stollery:

Nice acting, few lipsync issues especially on "first" show more teeth. Not bad :)

Justin H:

I love how involved the male character's body language is vs the female's almost complete ambivalence. Great stuff.

Matt B.:

Awesome job. Staging, poses and animation are all super.
The lip-sync seems a bit off in some places, particularly in "-t we need to consider 'ere-".

The 'Ah" in "before that" also appears a bit muffled.

The way you've animated his hands is particularly great. Kudos.

Last criticism would be her waving hand when she says "I'll eat it for dinner" seems a bit robotically fast. Considering her relaxed pose it seems out of place.

Iqtidar Ali:

good one

Matias Cifuentes:

Her energy feels a bit too flat considering the audio, the only part that feels like she's in sync is when she turns to say "next" but her expression is not punching that beat, however I feel like you did a better job with the guy, I'm not feeling the highlights in his tone but is certainly better than the girl, keep up the good work, it feels like you have a really solid understanding of body mechanics so improve your acting! :)

Matthew Remer:

good job

Sabrina Winkel:

Not bad. I like the storyline and the sassiness of the woman character haha too fun!

Verba Natasha:

Nice animation! Smooth but with accents! Just a couple of notice)
The wink is practicaly lost 'couse of bad time moment and as fo me the bounces of the hands is too much (64 and 137 fr).

Jordan Lewers:

The animation and lighting are solid, but the hand waving at the end is a tad too quick. Something about the way the fingers and wrist move are a bit off


awesome work. animation and expression are perfect..

Ankit Singh:


Sandesh tuladhar:

good work..

juan francisco leon:

very good