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Emotional Handicap


Final Rating: 7.31. Finished 2 out of 138 entries.

41,940 views including the voting period.



Description: At the office

Experience: 6 years

Time taken: 7 days evenings\nights


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Thomas Spettel:

The animation is very fluent, smooth and it bares a resemblance to what I have seen from the animation "the Iron Giant". A great use of movement and gestures which I sometimes find it hard to animate.

Richard Bond:

Solid entry! My only critique is the hold from 247-271 is a bit too long... I like that he holds the pose, but there should be some slight movement in there so he doesn't look frozen in time :)

Olivier Montero:

We ve got a winner here :)
Great Job mon Gars !!!!!

artur marcol:

This is number one for me! Very cool :)

Nathan Younger:

great arcs!

Dalton Krajewski:

This is terrific! The arcs are smooth and the actions flow together beautifully. The mouth seems slightly out of sync in the very beginning, but that's all I can nit-pick about this. It's absolutely fantastic!

Reza Hadiani:


Harishankar Thiyagarajan:


Charity Santos:

Your acting is soo legit!! I love what you did with the hair when he said enabling, and I love how he was walking. Like each step and hand gesture emphasized the stress points in the dialogue. and how his eyes went the other direction in the "let me finnish ok?" part. He's so pogii!!! (handsome) Winner for me!!! <3

Karl Bernhardt:

One of the best entries I've seen so far. Other than the obvious clean up I can't really critique it; the movement is wonderful, as is the lip sync. Good job!

Pauline Champetier:

One of the best entries ! Beautiful piece.


Wow, just wow. That was amazing!

Amartya Mukherji:

wow.. this is so good. Loved it. Fantastic timing and arcs. So good to see such a nice clasical 2D entry. The Owl and weasel shot is another good 2D entry this month, but this one may be is even better. To me you are the WINNER this month. Wish you all the best

Carolyn Mennecke:

This is great! I love the poses, especially on "continue to support." Maybe add a blink or a moving hold when the woman is speaking, so he isn't standing completely still?

Hao Wang:


Robert Firestone:

Really nice!