Final Rating: 3.69. Finished 82 out of 138 entries.

375 views including the voting period.


Animator: Shaunak Das

Description: Boss is scolding his employee for some reason ...

Experience: 3 yrs student

Time taken: 5 days


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Richard Bond:

You've got a good foundation here, but it could definitely have done with some polish.

Also, It's a little strange how his eyes remain so steadily locked on the off screen character. (With the exception of when he looks down at the computer) Adding a couple eye darts in there would go a long way toward bringing some life to your character :)

Eric Raffle:

too many hand gestures not enough body action and the lip sync was off.

Dalton Krajewski:

I really enjoy the way this was staged, but pushing the character's gestures into more of a curve instead of having him remain vertical and adding some small subtle motions to the holds where he's staying perfectly still would really make this feel much more organic. Your lip-syncing was slightly out of time at the very beginning (sometimes the mouth has to reach its shapes slightly before the sound is heard--weird I know, but it helps), but it got better about halfway through. Good job overall! :)

Nikolas Diamant:

The a in enabling needs to be bigger

Steven GUardado:

the animation its self is great; though, your camera can be positioned closer on him.

Hailee Pullman:

Good acting. I just wish it was a bit more presentation ready.

Alexander Gray:

his movements need more follow through, you have a good setup but you just need to push the poses, anticipation and follow through further.

imran younas butt:

very good effort but also working on eyes and also eye contact
and also need poses