Final Rating: 6.65. Finished 3 out of 138 entries.

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Animator: Sylvia Chambers

Description: She's heard this speech before

Experience: 3 years (recent grad)

Time taken: 10 hours


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Josh C:

I like it and I get the idea of what you were

Richard Bond:

Great work! my only critique is that you didn't make use the "ah" sound around frame 170ish.

Really like your choice to focus on the girl character and her reactions.

Eric Raffle:

you only had a few words to deliver right and you still managed to miss key parts, you forgot the ahh part before she says i understand. visually it looks good but you could have done a lot more to make it right.

Sharath Kumar:

This has a cinematic look to it...

Harishankar Thiyagarajan:

What I like is: Overall acting of the girl. Especially the after he said yahoo health. Facial expressions, the concept and decent render.

What could be changed: The girl character should have acted for the word "Ah" around frame 175.


Even though you have focused the attention to the less active character, it is a great animation! great insight to the girl's feelings!

Evelyn Hernandez:

This is really well done. I also went for the same type of animation with only paying attention to her actions.. and honestly it was the hardest thing I've ever animated and I was definitely not as successful as you. Congratulations on this piece =)

Paul Wei:

Nice facial expressions. The mood is very clear that this girl isn't happy being talked down to.

Saka Setyo Atmojo Asj:

such a brilliant tricky... good job

Robert Firestone:

Nice staging.

Amartya Mukherji:

You can remove the focus shift that you have given, at the beginning of the shot, as it is distracting.
May be if you could have included a wide shot in between where we can see Malcom and Kayla together, then it would have been great. I believe you lost one star for not showing the character who is delivering the dialogue.
Besides that, Excellent animation and render. Best of luck


Love it!!!
The idea and scenario reminds me of my self when I was young.

Steven GUardado:

Voice doesn't fit with her, but.... whatever.