Final Rating: 4.13. Finished 60 out of 138 entries.

352 views including the voting period.


Animator: Kevin Roberts

Description: I wanted to try a 3d animation from a 2d perspective. What do you think?

Experience: student

Time taken: A few hours spread throughout the month.


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Eric Raffle:

too jumpy i don't know what he is trying to do but its not moving realistically and too fast on some parts, you need to improve on anticipation , staging and acting.

Dalton Krajewski:

The arcs, poses, and timing were all fantastic! Some of the transitions seemed a little bit fast, though, and some extremes appeared to be over-acted, but dialing back some things very subtly and smoothing out a few motions would make this feel a lot more fluid! Gorgeous secondary motion on the hair, as well! :)

Harishankar Thiyagarajan:

Good, but the poses and timing could be improved. Focus more time on the poses.


Funny acting choices.