Final Rating: 5.71. Finished 12 out of 138 entries.

1,272 views including the voting period.


Animator: Tai Beaumont

Description: A father nags at his teenage daughter.

Experience: not enough

Time taken: too long


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Nathan Younger:

monster inc like!!!

Harishankar Thiyagarajan:

What I like is: The whole acting. Its great. I love it.
The concept: Aliens having a conversation about "Article from Yahoo health" "lol" outside earth in the house which is not on the land. You used the sound pretty good when he knocks the article papers on the desk.

What could be changed: some poses with fingers and body

Tyson Haeh:

lip sync is really lacking

Léo Miche:

Nice animation! I think that the character at the foreground move too much and distract our attention from the main character. An other thing you can maybe improve is the timing of her reaction : I thinks it's too early after (and even a bit before) "Enabling". Let her the time to react. But anyway, good work!

Carolyn Mennecke:

The shadows on the wall are distracting