Final Rating: 4.04. Finished 65 out of 138 entries.

387 views including the voting period.


Animator: behrouz

Description: the boss can't be more supportive

Experience: 3 yrs

Time taken: 5*4


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Nathan Younger:

great staging, maybe come back to the girl when she is speaking

Dalton Krajewski:

The setting and rendering are absolutely gorgeous, and I enjoyed the setup, but I feel like some of the poses are a bit stiff. The timing was great in a lot of places but the transitions are what make things seem a bit fast.

Eric Raffle:

visually it looked decent, camera angles are decent but the rest need a lot more work, your guy was doing something strange with his shoulders and the body follow through was not great, you could have made it better if you had of implemented some walking a few steps, you are missing key posing for the speech and you are not showing enough facial expressions.

Gayle Yeier:

This looks pretty, though I wish his words were a little more enunciated. It was difficult to read his lips, making it hard to buy that he was the one speaking. For staging, You have a nice initial setup, but I wish you would have followed through by either showing the both of them or showing her one more time in order to finish telling the story. With that said, I feel like you have a good start and can really make this solid with a little more time.