Final Rating: 5.13. Finished 28 out of 138 entries.

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Animator: Firas M'zoughi

Description: A psychiatrist talk to his patient deciding that it is going to be their last session, since she always act like she know it all.

Experience: 18 months

Time taken: 12 days


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The key poses and extreme poses need to be more dynamic, I think. The movements feel a bit bland, they need a tad more energy. Also, the cuts seem unnecessary and break the flow of the storytelling.

Nathan Younger:

good camera

Steven GUardado:

needs some more tweaking on "and I realize at that point". I know, that part of the dialogue is a bit tricky; might need reference of some one else saying that line.

Harishankar Thiyagarajan:

What I like is: The overall acting of the girl is simple and good.

What could be changed: It looks like he is reading from the paper. Few poses can be altered.

Hailee Pullman:

Great animation and acting. I just think the camera push-in at the beginning is too distracting. I love the set design!

Moemen Khchimadi:

wow nice work

Nikolas Diamant:

Nice let down look at the end