Final Rating: 5.78. Finished 10 out of 138 entries.

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Animator: Daniel Guedes Almeida

Description: John is tired of coping with his roommate's unstable emotions and how that is affecting his life. After several incidents he tries one more time to get things straight with her.

Experience: 6 months

Time taken: 3 weeks


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Richard Bond:

Liked your concept very much, but the man feels very static as is body isn't moving much at all. You could really get some mileage out of those gestures if you took those elbows off the chair and let his torso move around some with his head :)

Nassim Briedj:

very good job here

Steven GUardado:


Harishankar Thiyagarajan:

Good Concept. Lip sync, head movements, fingers are good. But needs more work with Body and Eyes. Maybe realistically that's how much the body moves, but in animation we can move a bit more to express emotion. Overall It's a good one.

Léo Miche:

Good animation!
Maybe his legs/root/torso could move a bit.

Dan Harriman:

Overall the motion felt very linear (robotic). The twinning of the man's poses is fine, but consider breaking up the motion with one hand moving slightly before or after the other. Nice idea! Loved the expression on the dog's face!

Carolyn Mennecke:

Use more of the man's body in the poses. But the dog is great, and you have lots of good poses!

Alexander Gray:

I love the bounce you put into his fingers as they fall to his knees, that's a little detail that people wont see but just adds quality to the shot.

Charity Santos:

Sooo cuteeeee!!! I can relate hahahahahaa XD awesome concept <3