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What lies in the darkness !!!

by Saikat Mitra, August Competition Winner!

Final Rating: 8.15. Finished 1 out of 162 entries.

122,842 views including the voting period.


Animator: Saikat Mitra

Description: I must inform the authority about this..... wait..... who's there ?? hey !!!

Experience: some

Time taken: 2 weeks


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Per Cardell:

Well done!



Yue Yuan:


Aaron Clement:

Wow, nice. I can see you've spent a lot of time on this. Only nit pic would be the lip sync at the end. Feels a little off... otherwise, great work!

Krish Raghav:

The best soo far.....


very nice

concept are very nice

Kartick Pramanik:

very nice animation..........

Abhishek Banerjee:

Master Wayne.......
Superb work........ keep on inspiring us....

Matt Horstman:

"better off" seems to have some strange lip sync issues, but otherwise the characters are incredibly well done. The girl at the beginning has a lot of cool secondary motion going on.

Vanessa Gonzalez:

Best animation I've seen out of all of them! My only critique would probably be the lip sync, for example bring his lower lip inward more when he's pronouncing the "f" sound, but that's really it, this one is pretty awesome!

Ryan D Lowe:

Great piece. Really solid acting. Love the arcs and smooth motions here. Works for the character.

Amartya Mukherji:

this one is ultimate.. I badly want this to top this month. At least top three.
The overall staging, the camera moves, the cuts, high quality acting, the subtle expressions, the render, the textures, the lighting.. everything is so so good.
Dont know who has done it, but I respect your skills. I am simply in love with this shot.

Gaurav Joshi:


Winner for me...!


Andres Iglesias:

nice work

Richard Clark:

I think we have are winner right here!!! Very well done!!! The only thing that is a bit off is the lip sync at "not knowing"

Dean Mosier:

Good work! The acting is believable and the animation is well done. Plus, the story makes sense!

Chad Bailey:

Awesome work! The fluidity in BOTH characters faces make them seem so alive and breathing. Well done. One thing I would love to see you do is add at least 2 frames of an "FF" mouth pose, to highlight the emphasis at the end of "off" that is present in the audio. Great work!

Subhasish Ray:


Zach Yong:

I really think the shots are very well-composed, making it feel like as if it was a scene from a movie, plus the added animation.

Casey Colledge:

Wow! This is def in the top for sure! I love the modification you made to the Tom character! This whole piece is great! Well done!

Danny Kneip:

Really great intro and render. Nice to see a rotary phone again! XD Love the speaker's expressions throughout, but the mouth shapes are not a perfect match with the dialogue in some instances. Such great character animation overall.

Divyam Chand:

Wow!! this is really solid piece......great acting choice and great attitude presentation.....gud luck :)


Loved this :)