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Sitting on the sofa

by Youn Kim

Final Rating: 3.98. Finished 114 out of 162 entries.

37 views including the voting period.


Animator: Youn Kim

Description: Hello,
this is my first time to upload my work on 11 Second club. I am learning 3D animation now, so this animation does not have a good story. I really appreciate your feed back. Thank you.

Experience: 7 months

Time taken: A week


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Beau Hall:

The words sync pretty good - but everything moved at an even speed, very linear movements, robotic almost.

Benjamin Berg:

Everything is too fluid. You need more snap from pose to pose. Also, the hands need a lot more work.

All in all, I feel that the hole thing could use more creativity.

Aaron Clement:

Not bad. A bit of twinning, though.

Liviu Boar:

hey, it's tarantino!


need more guesture

Ryan D Lowe:

Watch those twins on timing/spacing! F160 Break it up a bit!

Amartya Mukherji:

Needs a lot of improvement

Richard Clark:

Having the character straight to camera is not a good idea. Mainly because the body can look very symmetrical at times. Frame 143 is an example of this. Also avoid twinning as well like the hand gestures at frame 163. I realize that the shoulders are going up at frames 30-34 to convey weight but it looks like they are popping. Avoid isolated movement like the head shaking but the body doesn't react at all.

Danny Kneip:

Nice control of the hands, fingers. Nothing is over-animated here and that's great. The lip sync is decent.