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You innocent fool...

by Cami Cuibus

Final Rating: 4.74. Finished 67 out of 162 entries.

57 views including the voting period.


Animator: Cami Cuibus

Description: Now, what did I tell you about being quiet?

Experience: about 2 years

Time taken: 50 hours


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Ryan D Lowe:

Your acting is great I can see it. But your animation needs some work in a lot of places. Drawing wise everything is fun and I like some of your key poses. Good facial shapes/expressions as well! Keep going!


Love the way it looks!! Kind of feels like am watching cartoon. Lip-sync was great but need improvement in acting.

Liviu Boar:


Aaron Clement:

Original. I like it.

Amartya Mukherji:

funny.. ha ha :D

J.K. Riki:

Nice style and good art! Your coloring choices are also really spot on. At the moment the problem is that everything moves very evenly. I see one overshoot on the arms, but beyond that it's even even even. Get some easing in and out in there, plus maybe more overlap and different parts moving at different rates and I think you'll really do some amazing work! Good luck. :)

Danny Kneip:

Really nice work! The camera movement is distracting, because it's noticeable. Good character animation and expression. The sync is strong.

Ray Lim:

Fun clip. Animation needs some polish. Too much twinning, need some anticipation, push your poses, ease in and ease out.