Final Rating: 3.24. Finished 141 out of 162 entries.

21 views including the voting period.


Animator: Con Koumis

Description: His wife suspects his gay

Experience: on off over 20 years

Time taken: Over 5 days


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Per Cardell:

The eyes and brows are best in show. Work more with spine, over all posing and lip-sync. Keep it up!


Nice Job at the end of the animation "You're better off...etc"

Ryan D Lowe:

Good subtle piece, but your lip sync needs a great deal of work. You have a great opportunity with your lip shapes.

Aaron Clement:

Phone had is good. The posing of other hand feels weak. Lip sync needs more punch. Good potential.

Sai Srikanth Charepalli:

You need to work on animation parrt. And the lip sync is not up to the mark.

Danny Kneip:

There's potential here, I can sense his angst. Additional polishing is needed, but a decent foundation has been set. I think he pulls the phone away from his face too soon, but a decent attempt, overall.