Final Rating: 4.58. Finished 83 out of 162 entries.

42 views including the voting period.


Animator: Abhijeet Singh

Description: Drunk guy trying to confess.

Experience: 2Months

Time taken: 6 Days (2-3 hrs everyday)


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Vanessa Gonzalez:

I think he's moving a little too often, even when the camera shows the teddy bear he's still moving around, I feel like you should give him a little bit of a "break" or "breather" before he started talking again. Other than that, I liked your idea! I actually thought of something kind of similar for mine, but ended up doing something different. Anyway, good job :)

Ryan D Lowe:

Movement here is too sporadic. Watch those curves, and get rid of any unnecessary keys! Avoid single rotations like that SR hand on F135. Looks way too robotic!


this seems familiar to me

Jim P:

You totally have to animate the liquid in the glass.

Danny Kneip:

The lip sync needs some additional polishing. The glass in the hand is kind of distracting based on the angle of the camera. Multiple viewings suggest he is just pointing with that finger and has no intention of taking a sip, but the cup is so close to his mouth, at this camera angle, that I'm waiting for him to take a drink. Also, he's fairly wild with that hand and the drink should be splashing out at some points. Just doesn't work for me.