Final Rating: 4.60. Finished 81 out of 162 entries.

39 views including the voting period.


Animator: Jithin Raj

Description: just for practice

Experience: some

Time taken: 8 Days


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good facial animation. but his head is always in the same screen-space. try to make it more interesting :)

Per Cardell:

Less is more for true. This is cool in that sence. The spine and the clavicles could use a little massage! Keep working.

Ryan D Lowe:

Incredibly subtle. Yet you sell it very well. Great small movements that really work here. I would like to see a tighter lip sync pass however. More shapes in the mouth.

Aaron Clement:

Tongue feels too distracting for me. I like his expression, though.

Amartya Mukherji:

excellent acting.. your body movement is so minimum, which suits the audio pace, just the tongue seems to be slightly overdone..

Danny Kneip:

That tongue is really distracting. The sync needs some additional polishing, but the eye movement is good, especially on the word "lie".

Dionysis Douliakas:

Subtle acting, looks like the character is thinking, great stuff, congratulations!!