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Teaching an old dog new tricks

by Steve Hawthorne

Final Rating: 5.25. Finished 46 out of 162 entries.

479 views including the voting period.


Animator: Steve Hawthorne

Description: Poker player teaches his opponent a lesson

Experience: 2 months

Time taken: too long


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Vanessa Gonzalez:

I really like this one! I like the scenario and his expressions. My only critique would be that the lip sync could be a bit better. Maybe if you add movements to the tongue you could be able to tell better when he says words like "dogs" and "lie". On that note, his mouth is already open before he says "dogs", and I think you could open it a little later so it looks like he's pronouncing the letter "d".

Ryan D Lowe:

Good break up in the face, but your eyes are moving too slow. Speed those up and have them dart a bit.

Amartya Mukherji:

wow..!!! Nice natural EXPRESSIONS :)

Marcel Junges:

good idea!

Aaron Clement:

Lip sync is off. I like the end expression he makes.

Richard Clark:

Like this! Lip sync pops at frame 57 and at 158.

Danny Kneip:

The lip sync certainly needs additional polishing - you cut off the "ing" in "sleeping" and go straight into "dogs". The poses and gestures are simple, which is really good and there's much potential here. Good work.


Hey Steve,finally after 4 years..xD How does it feel? haha Great shot,just one thing,when he is saying "expression" his jaw is almost fixed (look at his upper and lower set of teeth touching) and overall lip sync needs a little polish.