Final Rating: 4.29. Finished 94 out of 162 entries.

91 views including the voting period.


Animator: Hakan Abbas

Description: A stolid dog and owner.

Experience: 5 years

Time taken: 10 days


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Chrissy Schneider:

Perhaps show more lip sinc

James Van Dam:

Not a bad bit of creature animation at the end there. But you kind of cut camera angles at weird times. would be a lot more interesting to see these two interact and play off one another.


needs overall refining but great job

Aaron Clement:

Lip sync is off. Great dog animation!


Liked the animation! But still needs more improvemnt. There are parts which needs to be worked on. Dog was amazing.. great expression on his face!

Xabier Olaz Moratinos:

Great work with the dog but the human acting lows the level

Matt Horstman:

The dog's idle panting animation looked great. Unusual to see so little of the speaking character but the results are interesting.

Ryan D Lowe:

I'm giving you a solid "DECENT" because that dog has some mad animation on it. The man however needs some work. For instance some keep alive on him at the front of the shot would help quite a bit!

Richard Clark:

There should be more bend in the dogs spine when he goes to scratch himself. And the guy is way too stiff throughout.

Danny Kneip:

My cats never walk their front legs back when they sit down.. do dogs do that? The dog walk cycle is nicely done. Lip syncing is difficult and you have mostly avoided it by cutting away, needlessly, to the dog, which is nicely animated each time.

Colin Davey:

Not bad animation on the dog, but the human character needs more emotion. Also, when he pets the dog in the beginning his movement feels a little stiff. It needs more anticipation and time to settle.

Arnov Mipun:

the dog's animation was good but the human's animation fell flat

Babul Prasad:

need to work on posing of both characters, its looking static