Final Rating: 4.75. Finished 66 out of 162 entries.

66 views including the voting period.


Animator: rashid

Description: do not create problems, leave things alone..

Experience: 4 YEAR

Time taken: ONE DAY


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nice... personally i feel camera move was not required, and take care the head is not cut in the last frame.

Vanessa Gonzalez:

Good animation in general, but the lip sync's timing is off, especially at the end.

James Van Dam:

Watch where your character is in relation to the camera. Staging is a thing you need to consider before rendering.

Aaron Clement:

Good posing. A bit linear.

Liviu Boar:

too bad about the lip sync...

Ryan D Lowe:

Good work here! Love the subtle "gripping" work you put in the hands.

Amartya Mukherji:

not bad but could have been better..

Richard Clark:

Up until frame seemed to be going fine but then the motion doesn't go anywhere from there. It just stays in the general location. I would have loved to see something different and more interesting. His motion pops at 140 and it looks like his left arm hyper extends from 132-140

Kyu-bo Choi:

I think this shot needs a little more head room