Final Rating: 7.50. Finished 11 out of 169 entries.

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Animator: Ben Zingo

Description: Had fun with this one, but ran into a couple tricky spots, so I'd love to get some feedback!

Experience: roughly 10

Time taken: on and off over the whole month


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Great work! adjusting the sync with the audio (about 2 frames before the sound) would make it shine!

Richard Adams:

Lip syncing needs work, but otherwise, this is really really top stuff. Top 5 entry. Actually, my favorite so far.

Markos Adamakis:

Love the expressions, animation and render, this is a winner for me!


I really like the story you created here. It really captures the audio.

Ross Payne:

Nice character work, and good play on the audio.

Coso Cartoon & Comics:

No doubt here about the characters' roles in this clip. Nice timing. Good facial expressions, although they could be made even clearer.