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Animator: Gilberticus G. Calceta

Description: Yo, like, I was only a little late. You didn't have to eat all the cheezy goodness. Could've left me some! Now you bragging in my face. Not cool, bruh.

Experience: 7 years

Time taken: 4 days


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Its so smooth and expressive! Very nice work.

Michael D. Smith:

Well done with the subtle actions. Also really like the timing.

Jingle Grigsby:


Jesus Porcel:

Woohoo this has so much appeal! Congratulations!!


There is some great and flowing action from both characters. I love the tiny moments like the second character pushing at glasses, and the understated reaction to the .... macaroni.

Martin Miljkovic:

Solid work overall. Arms could be less limp - that depends on the style. It is consistent so ii works well.
Good job

Oliver .H:

This is great that the heck