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Animator: Dani Calleja

Description: It took a little bit longer for Lou to prepare burgers for her and her mate Neka, but upon finishing she realises Neka was so hungry she couln't wait.

Lou, Neka and other 3d models belong to their correspondent creators.

Experience: Signed my first contract in 2007 as a generalist in SoftimageXSI

Time taken: Anim 2 days. Rest 2 weeks


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Really nice. Story clean and clear. Perhaps a finishing reaction from second character might have rounded things out nicely, but the expressions and action here are really nice.

Sarathkumar C:

Top 3!

Michael D. Smith:

Some really great subtle motion in there. Seemed a little too bobby side to side during the "forever" and "food" line.

Martin Miljkovic:

You did a lot of things correct here. Love the acting, Story could be shocking or surprising. You are making the movements look natural. Keep it up.

Sam M:

i'd lower your SSS down, the fingers are getting a bit too hot