Final Rating: 3.75. Finished 149 out of 195 entries.

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Animator: Vidit Jain

Description: Final Project for DES503

Experience: None

Time taken: 4 weeks


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Zachary Lussier:

You need a lot of improvement in your general animation. Continue to improve you will get it one day :-)


The movements felt kind of robotic at times


It's uh...pretty creepy how the old guy keeps smiling when he's not talking, heh. It also looks like his eyeline is not directed towards...her eyes.

Éloise Valiquette:

It would have been interesting to animate the characters together when the two of them end up in the animation frame. It's a little strange to see one freeze in place while the other is talking. Also your female character lacks fluidity in her movements, she looks a little stiff. In addition your characters lack a little work on the level of emotions they seem to be frozen.

Simon Côté:

pretty good lipsync :)

Anthony Abou Rezk:

I like this one, it looks nice, maybe go back over a few animation principles to make it better