Final Rating: 4.14. Finished 117 out of 195 entries.

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Animator: Jordan Kiep

Description: Malcom is not impressed with Eleven's "resume."

Experience: I am a Junior in college pursuing an animation degree

Time taken: Two weeks


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Harshpreet Kaur:

A Spy never mention their identity


The body movements were pretty nice

Simon Côté:

the movements are too exagerated in my opinion ;)

Éloise Valiquette:

You should review the fluidity of your animation, the movements are very stiff from one break to the next. Also be careful when the spy leaves the room he waves very hard and slips on the floor.

Zachary Lussier:

I like your animation overall, but i think you can work in your mouvement to make it more fluid

Anthony Abou Rezk:

Alright! This is good, I feel like you're new to this (not judging I am also new), but you are pretty good if that's the case. One thing I noticed is you haven't really gotten down the IK-FK difference, it's still new to me but I feel like you didn't really know the difference before going into this. Other than that, I like the expressions, the characters look fun, so good job!