Final Rating: 7.33. Finished 6 out of 228 entries.

2,247 views including the voting period.


Animator: Polina

Description: Monkeys in an Asian nature park reminiscent the childhood
calm acting scene with nostalgic and positive vibe
BG by my partner Vasiliy Krasnikov

Experience: 3 Years professionally

Time taken: around 2 weeks part time sketching out and planning +1 fulltime week finishing the piece


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great artwork, great base movement, but the lip syncing could use some more attention, and lack of secondary actions and follow through on things like the tails where painfully lacking.

Sean Manning:

Very cool aesthetic! Some of the mouth shapes on the larger monkey could be polished for a clearer read, but overall awesome job.

Nathaniel Vaughan:

The backgrounds and body movements are great! Although, the lip-sync seems off a little.

Paraskevi Koutalou:

Nice atmosphere!



Jonathan Fontaine:

Gorgeous layout, colors and design !!
nie acting too, i feel the accent on child is a bit too strong, and he hold this pose wich seems a bit too much in tension, you could have make settle a bit more (f120)
another thins is the wide mouth on f253.. it s really big and reads well and so you could have lift the tongue up just a bit for the L of chiLLLD that is uite strong in the audio

but yeah.. beautiful work top 5/10 easy !

Arindam K Dutta:

Good work!

Alex Spenny:

Fun, clean, 2D animation! Fun characters and story. Some parts are a little snappy and the lip sync could use a bit more work. The orange monkey snaps too hard when he says "since I was a child." The brown monkey needs work on lip sync for "like" in the line "forgotten what it's like," as well as "child" at the end.

Elisabeth Janerka:

Nice animation

Aaron James Mongcopa:

You could've added more ib's on the slow-ins on the settling poses for both monkeys. But very nice concept and acting, overall. A possible winner!