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The Persistent Balloon Man

by Aly Killian

Final Rating: 5.03. Finished 56 out of 228 entries.

38,514 views including the voting period.


Animator: Aly Killian

Description: After a man decidedly does not want a balloon and walks away, the balloon salesman follows the man to continue trying to sell his balloon.

Experience: 5 years

Time taken: 60 hrs


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Rohit Jagtap:

such a heavy balloons ;)



Nicholas Ballard:

I thought this one was great. The staging could be more dynamic with a 3/4 view. My only other huge gripe is those walks. They just are not that smooth. Make sure to hit the contact lift off and passing poses pretty hard.

Catherine Lachepelle:

Appealing expressions and acting, especially on the Ray rig. The framing I think works a little against the shot: it's far so it makes it hard to see the facial expressions properly, especially for Malcolm who is almost always viewed profile, which makes him look a little flat. But the animation works great, easy to follow the character we are supposed to focus on and to get the characters emotions

Varun Boomboi:

Loved the acting choice. would have loved better camera. Good Job \m/

Richard Adams:

Love the way the balloons and balloon strings move in this one. Character animation quite good, too.

Hanne Dewachter:

I wish there was a close-up somewhere to get a better view of the expressions, I think it's really good! Follow-through is on point and the characters feel like they have weight :)

Aaron Clement:

Like the idea. Hips feel off... but i can tell you've spent some time on this.

Victor Fina 2:

Framing and layout. Why is main character off in 1/10th of screen?